Virtual Tour stand ISH

21 March 2023


Bossini presents itself with a renewed strategic formula. An experience and a unique and vast range in the world of showers finds its natural fulfillment in the presentation of three new collections of faucets.


TEO, GILLO, AKI: these are the three collections that combine the basic shapes of taps in various ways, from round to square. The result is a range of objects that are not only water dispensers but also furnishings: simple, elegant, discreet, able to adapt perfectly to even the most sophisticated shapes of bathroom fixtures.Three new collections, which allow Bossini to offer truly complete bathroom equipment, starting from the sink tap in the countertop and wall-mounted version, passing through the wall-mounted and floor-standing bathtub tap, ending with the range of shower mixers, external and built-in.


Essential lines for an essential collection: a collection that adapts to any context, discreet and non-invasive, a collection in which perfect functionality and minimal design integrate, enhancing every detail of the bathroom.


The squared line that conveys the idea and image of the strength of the pillar is softened by the roundness of the visible ends, the spout and the lever, realizing the ancient dream of the impossible squaring of the circle in the bathroom. Not only taps, but also a piece of furniture.


The rigor and essentiality of the right angle are interrupted by the inclined axis of the operating lever, which lightens and plays down the design of the whole which suggests, with refined sobriety, the idea of ​​solidity called upon to withstand the challenge of time. Furnishing faucets, with furnishing objects that distribute water.