60 years in the name of passion

60 years in the name of passion

17 March 2020

In 1960 Mr. Bossini Leonardo created his own enterprise characterised by a strong passion in combining quality and design, innovation and sustainability.

During these first 60 years, the dedication and the foresight of the family have generated a constant development and improvement of the products and the productive processes.

In the last decades, Bossini has turned into a leading company in the shower and bathroom accessories production sector both in Italian and international market.

The brand, after having received several prestigious prices, is now recognised as a symbol of the iconic made in Italy. Today, Bossini products are distributed in over 60 countries and they represent the first choice for all who desire excellence in every aspect.


As the founder Mr. Bossini Leonardo points out “we work every day to develop technologies and products that satisfy our customers’ needs with a particular attention to the environment”.