Bossini, design quality and research


Design, quality and continuous technological research centred on innovation are the foundation of the success that, since 1960, has accompanied Bossini Spa in its persistent growth, both in Italy and around the world.

Founded by Leonardo Bossini, today the company is supported by a team of 168 employees across two production units and exports to over 60 countries around the world

A recognised leader in the shower and accessories market, Bossini’s products are aimed at customers in the medium-high target group, guaranteeing high standards of security, special attention to the environmental impact and maximum functionality.

A daily act for millions of people, a moment you can dedicate to your own well-being, a shower should ensure relaxation and supreme contentment. It is for this reason that Bossini has invested in continued research into the functionality and aesthetics of its products, guaranteeing the highest levels of quality in terms of finishing and materials.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949:2016 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 certified, Bossini is synonymous with product quality and, thanks to a constantly renewed business strategy, it is capable of responding to any demands presented by the market, with Bossini basing specific projects undertaken for its clients on the tailor-made, only made in Italy concept.

In short:

  • Bossini has been a player in the global market for shower products since 1960
  • It is one of the best-known shower brands in the world
  • It constitutes an ambassador of Made in Italy excellence in terms of both quality and design
  • It operates in over 60 countries around the world
  • It is UNI EN ISO 9001/2015, IATF 16949:2016 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 certified.
  • It guarantees a fast and flexible delivery service
  • Constant research and innovation are at the heart of its products


From conception to creation, Bossini’s mission is to offer its clients solutions that constitute the highest levels of quality in terms of design, innovation and choice of materials.

Thanks to its experience and flexibility, Bossini is committed to constant technological research in order to offer products that are always cutting edge and state of the art.

Production units and offices

Bossini spa – Castenedolo Plant (Brescia) 

This is the Group’s business, administrative and production head office. The research and development office is equipped with the most advanced computer systems at the forefront of innovation, while the laboratories utilise the most cutting-edge technology. The facilities for cleaning, polishing and chrome-plating the metal parts are located here, all managed with sophisticated robotised machinery allowing complete control of each phase of production.

This is also where the flexible hoses are produced, and where assembly and packaging of the finished products takes place.
The building, opened in 1975, is strategically positioned, close to the airports of Montichiari (Brescia), Verona and Bergamo, while also being easily accessible from the A4 motorway. 

In 2001, a facility for brass metallisation was also unveiled at Castenedolo. The facility is compliant with the requirements for the management of Environmental Systems ISO 14001: the perfect combination of innovation and rational technological design, it implements measures that guarantee full safeguarding of the environment, thanks to a sophisticated closed-circuit waste water treatment system, in response to the demand for the highest quality standards.


The Brass Metallisation Facility at Castenedolo

Established in 2001, this facility represents one of the best examples of modern, rational design in its field. It is compliant with the requirements for the management of Environmental Systems ISO 14001, and by virtue of its advanced closed-circuit waste water treatment system it ensures maximum safeguarding of the environment and a constant quality of treatment.

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Bossini spa – Montichiari Plant

Moulding and Metallisation of Plastics  

The moulding, chrome-plating, warehousing and assembly departments for all plastic products are housed at this site.

In line with the constant growth of the company, in 2005 a second facility for the metallisation of plastic components was added at the main site, established in 1990, as well as upgrading the departments for plastic moulding.

These facilities are also compliant with the requirements for the management of Environmental Systems ISO 14001 that ensure full safeguarding of the environment thanks to a sophisticated closed-circuit waste water treatment system.

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Quality – certifications-patents


Deep-rooted in the heart of Bossini’s philosophy, the concept of quality is applied at all phases of production, combining innovation and tradition.

With the strength of its experience, the company is able to guarantee the highest levels of quality, be it in the design of each individual component or in the careful selection of finishings and materials. All focused on guaranteeing the highest levels of practicality and cutting-edge technology.

Combining creativity and technology, each component in the Bossini shower systems undergoes careful and rigorous testing during each phase of the production cycle. This enables Bossini’s Research & Development departments and Quality Control laboratories to guarantee the superior performance and longevity of its products.

Bossini enrolled a quality and ambiental policy, you can download it here.



Bossini is certified under the UNI EN ISO 9001-2008, ISO/TS 16949:2009 norms for its Quality Management Systems and ISO 14001-2015 for its Environmental Management Systems, operating under the highest standards of quality.


The commitment to safeguarding the environment represents an increasingly essential aspect of the daily lives of both companies and individuals. Bossini is committed to avoiding waste through sensible use of the resources at our disposal, particularly in terms of water usage. Reducing the environmental impact by consuming less also involves streamlining energy costs.

For this reason, Bossini has chosen to create facilities for the metallisation of plastics and brass that are fully compliant with the requirements for the management of Environmental Systems ISO 14001, and that ensure full safeguarding of the environment thanks to a sophisticated closed-circuit waste water treatment system.

The company has even pushed itself to exceed its obligation to environmental sustainability, as its total energy requirements are supplied entirely by a cogeneration plant. 

Furthermore, Bossini’s environmental responsibility also transfers to its clients’ bathrooms, offering them the opportunity to save water and energy with no need to forego the highest levels of comfort. Using the Fit-Air system, Bossini’s innovative products allow air and water to be mixed to achieve a lighter and more voluminous spray, while limiting the amount of water expended.